First jury trials set in Smith & Nephew hip implant cases

Smith & Nephew’s recalled metal-on-metal hip implants will be the focus of a series of jury trials in federal court starting next year.

After more than three years of litigation, the first trial will take place on Nov. 2, 2020, with the second trial on January 11, 2021. Hon. Catherine Blake, of the District of Maryland federal court, will preside over the trials.

The first two trials will focus on the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing system, or BHR for short. More than 700 injured people have sued Smith & Nephew over the premature failure of their BHR systems. A third trial set for March 1, 2021, will focus on a slightly different hip system that Smith & Nephew sold to patients despite the fact that it was not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Most surgeons have abandoned metal-on-metal hip systems due to their high failure rates, and the risk of toxic metal debris that they pose for patients.

The lawyers at Jones Ward PLC represent more people with defective Smith & Nephew hip devices than other law firm in the nation. Jones Ward also is co-lead counsel for the consolidated litigation in federal court against Smith & Nephew, knows as MDL 2775.

The identity of the plaintiffs involved in next year’s jury trials will be decided by June 2020. Depositions and other pre-trial work are taking place over the coming months, along with review of hundreds of thousands of pages of company documents. The court’s scheduling order with all of the trial dates and other information is available at this link.

Smith & Nephew’s metal on metal hips are similar to other risky metal-on-metal systems such as the Biomet M2a-Magnum, DePuy ASR, Wright Conserve and Zimmer Durom. Medical literature as early as the 1970s showed that metal-on-metal hips were a bad idea. The BHR was recalled in 2015.

How to preserve your rights

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