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Watch some of the videos the lawyers at JonesWard have created to discuss some frequently asked questions about particular lawsuits or general legal questions.

Alex Davis Explains the risks of Low Testosterone Therapy

Watch Attorney Alex Davis of Jones Ward PLC discuss low testosterone therapy drug risks.

Alex Davis Answers “How Much is My Case Worth?”

Watch Attorney Alex Davis answer the common question “How Much is my Case Worth?”

Layne Stackhouse Explains that Mirena PTC is Often Misdiagnosed

Watch Attorney Layne Stackhouse discuss how PTC caused by Mirena IUD is often misdiagnosed.

Layne Stackhouse Discusses Symptoms of Mirena PTC

Watch Attorney Layne Stackhouse discuss the symptoms of Mirena PTC.

Watch Lauren Horner Explain How Mirena IUD Causes PTC

Attorney Lauren Horner discusses how the synthetic hormone Levonorgestrel found in Mirena IUDs can lead to PTC.

Alex Davis Explains That No Recall Doesn’t Mean No Lawsuit

Watch Attorney Alex Davis explain that just because a product hasn’t been recalled doesn’t mean that there is no lawsuit. Many defective and dangerous products are still on the market, but lawsuits are pending across the country for damages and big business to make changes!