Zimmer VerSys hip implant lawsuits piling up

The hip implant legal team at Jones Ward PLC is leading the charge in a new wave of lawsuits involving corroding hip implant systems, with nearly a dozen cases involving the Zimmer VerSys device.

The Zimmer VerSys system includes a VerSys stem, a VerSys femoral head or ball, and a metal cup. A plastic liner is typically inserted between the head and cup. Unfortunately for patients, the connection between the stem and head is prone to corrosion and fretting which ultimately may lead to premature failure of the device, in some cases with catastrophic consequences for the patient.

VerSys lawsuits spreading

The failure mechanism for the Zimmer VerSys system is similar to corrosion seen in other Zimmer products, including the ML Taper and the ML Taper with Kinectiv Technology. Lawsuits involving the VerSys are being filed by Jones Ward at a growing pace, including in the following states: Washington, Missouri, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts. In a typical case, the patient does well for a period of time after the initial surgery. Pain often goes away, and the person returns to some of the daily activities of living that they previously enjoyed. But after several years, an aching in the hip joint returns and a visit to the surgeon’s office reveals symptoms such as inflammation, elevated levels of cobalt and chromium, or a painful pocket of fluid in the joint called a pseudotumor.

Failure to warn about corrosion

The VerSys lawsuits allege that Zimmer failed to adequately warn surgeons and consumers about the risks of corrosion at the stem-head junction, despite knowing for years that corrosion was a serious complication. As the corrosion symptoms worsen, many patients ultimately must have a second surgery called a revision in which the defective prosthesis is surgically removed and replaced with a safer model.

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