Smith & Nephew hip implant metallosis lawsuits pass 500 mark

Recalled and defective metal-on-metal hip implants made by Smith & Nephew are now the subject of more than 500 lawsuits pending in state and federal courts. The hip implant lawyers at Jones Ward PLC represent more injured plaintiffs than any other law firm in the nation, and have been involved in litigation since 2013 over… Read More

Smith & Nephew Hip Implant Lawsuits Expand

Smith & Nephew Hip Implant Lawsuits Expand

R3 metal liners added to Birmingham Hip Resurfacing litigation A panel of federal judges overseeing hundreds of lawsuits against Smith & Nephew for their failed metal on metal hip devices is expanding the scope of the litigation. The United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict litigation held that plaintiffs implanted with the recalled R3 metal liner… Read More

Smith & Nephew hip implant lawsuits expand

The hip implant recall lawyers at Jones Ward are expanding the scope of a legal challenge to the Smith & Nephew BHR, targeting a configuration of the device that never gained FDA approval. Smith & Nephew faces approximately 300 individual lawsuits in federal court from patients who claim that the BHR failed and shed toxic… Read More

Biomet hip implant metallosis experts OK’d by federal judge

Biomet hip implant victims got a dose of good news Friday when a federal judge ruled that expert testimony about metallosis and other problems with the defective metal-on-metal devices will be allowed at trial. The judge’s ruling in U.S. District Court in Northern Indiana means plaintiffs in the litigation will be able to present testimony… Read More

Smith & Nephew hip implant lawyers strike back at preemption

Lawsuits against Smith & Nephew over the recalled Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, or BHR, hip implant system have passed the 200 mark, as the legal team at Jones Ward PLC continues to fight for injured people in dozens of states from California to New York and Florida to Alaska. BHR lawsuits from more than 40 states… Read More

Smith & Nephew BHR hip implants targeted in new 160-page lawsuit

Smith & Nephew BHR hip implants targeted in new 160-page lawsuit

The Birmingham Hip Resurfacing system made by Smith & Nephew is the target of a new 160-page lawsuit filed by the hip implant attorneys at Jones Ward PLC. The lawsuit in Maryland federal court details why the BHR system is defective and causes patients to suffer injuries due to metal toxicity and pseudotumors. BHR defects revealed… Read More

Mirena Intracranial Hypertension cases centralized in NYC

The attorneys at Jones Ward have been at the forefront of the Mirena Intracranial Hypertension litigation for the last several years. Earlier this year, a panel of federal judges consolidated more than 150 cases – including nearly 100 filed by Jones Ward – in federal court in New York, New York as part of a… Read More

Biomet, Smith & Nephew failure rates climb in new hip implant data

Metal hip implants made by Biomet and Smith & Nephew are on the rise, confirming the risks of a painful revision surgery for patients due to metallosis and pseudotumor. The hip implant lawyers at Jones Ward PLC represent hundreds of people across the nation with injuries caused by metal-on-metal hip implants such as the Biomet… Read More