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Power Morcellator Lawsuits

Power Morcellator Lawsuits

Medical devices are supposed to be safe. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Many women who had a morcellator used during a hysterectomy or myomectomy suffered severe consequences. They had undetected cancer spread throughout their body and severely impact their chances of survival. If you or a loved one have been injured after a power morcellator surgery, you may be eligible for financial compensation for your pain and suffering. Here at the Jones Ward law firm, we take our role as advocates for those who have medical related injuries extremely seriously. Our goal is to hold big business accountable and have them change their business practices.

Why Morcellation Injuries Occur

Many women have undergone morcellation surgery for uterine fibroids or hysterectomy. This surgery has been done using a cutting tool known as a power morcellator. The morcellator chops up your tissue so that it can be sucked out through a laparoscopic port. The use of a morcellator was intended to make surgery more efficient and recovery time quicker. However, for women with undetected cancerous cells, the morcelltor also cut those up and tiny particles were left in the body. These particles then attached to other areas of the body, spreading the cancer. As a result, the chance of long-term survival decreased.

Morcellator Lawsuits Against Johnson & Johnson

The FDA issued a Safety Communication statement early in 2014 that morcellators should not be used a myomectomy or hysterectomy. Even though this government agency is taking a stand about this issue, it is crucial that people suffering after their surgery and cancer diagnosis are justly compensated. Nobody should have the burden of being without assistance in dealing with their diagnYou chances of survival when cancer is spread decrease significantly. On top of that, living with a cancer diagnosis can make your life incredibly difficult. It may mean lost wages or even losing the ability to work, as well as function in other areas of your life. Any amount of money to go towards managing your medical bills and having a quality living situation will be of great benefit to you. For this reason, you should not hesitate to take part in a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson for your morcellation injuries and to hold them accountable for what they’ve done to you and other women. If you are unsure whether or not you would even be eligible to file a claim against them, you can speak to a lawyer from Jones Ward.

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