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Biomet faces 6 jury trials over failed metal hip systems
Biomet faces 6 jury trials over failed metal hip systems

The trial lawyers at Jones Ward are preparing half a dozen cases for trial in the coming months against Biomet, manufacturer of dangerous and defective metal-on-metal hip implant systems that corrode inside patients’ bodies

The first trial starts August 5 in Chicago federal court before Hon. Ruben Castillo after more than seven years of litigation. Jones Ward represents more than 100 people with claims pending against Biomet in dozens of states. The first trial involves Karen Michaelis, of Elgin, Illinois, who had Biomet hip replacements in 2008 and 2009. Her first artificial hip failed less than five years later, forcing a costly and painful revision surgery.

Biomet has faced more than 3,000 lawsuits in recent years over the M2a-Magnum and M2a-38 hip implant systems. Although there have been no jury trials so far, that appears to be changing. Jones Ward partner Alex Davis is preparing the Michaelis case for trial. Several weeks later, he will travel to West Virginia for another Biomet hip implant trial on behalf of Sandra Garnes, of Elkview. Mrs. Garnes had a Biomet metal-on-metal hip system implanted in her body in 2008. It failed six years later, even though Indiana-based Biomet promised customers that the product would last a lifetime. The Garnes trial is before Hon. Joseph Goodwin in federal court in Charleston.

It’s an honor to bring these cases to trial after many years of hard work,” Davis said. “We look forward to presenting evidence to jurors about the high failure rates of these medical devices, and letting them decide Biomet’s fate.

Metal-on-metal hip implant systems carry a dangerous risk of metal toxicity in patients due to tiny particles of cobalt and chromium that are shed into the bloodstream. This can lead to adverse reactions to metal debris, tissue and bone necrosis, and painful fluid collections called pseudotumors. Jones Ward represents hundreds of consumers with failed prosthetic hip devices made by Biomet and other companies including Stryker, Zimmer, Smith & Nephew, DePuy, Encore, and Wright Medical.

Here is a list of the Biomet trials scheduled between now and January 2020.
Trial 1 – Michaelis v. Biomet, Aug. 5 (Northern District of Illinois)(Jones Ward)
Trial 2 – Garnes v. Biomet, Aug. 20 (Southern District of West Virginia)(Jones Ward)
Trial 3 – Medlin v. Biomet, Oct. 7 (Eastern District of Louisiana) (Jones Ward)
Trial 4 – Abram v. Biomet, Oct. 15 (Northern District of Texas)(Jones Ward)
Trial 5 – Babbitt v. Biomet, Jan. 6, 2020 (Eastern District of Texas) (Jones Ward)
Trial 6 – Clifford v. Biomet, Jan. 7, 2020 (Western District of North Carolina) (Jones Ward)

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