Wells Fargo Customer Fraud Lawsuit

The consumer protection attorneys at Jones Ward are investigating claims that Wells Fargo opened duplicate bank accounts for customers and took other steps that resulted in unfair fees being charged to customers.  Anyone with a Wells Fargo checking account or credit card who has been charged unfair fees may have claims against the company.


Unfair Bank Fees

Wells Fargo already faces $185 million in fines for a wide variety of unfair and secretive banking practices that hurt customers. Some people have received refunds that average $25 but not all customers have been reimbursed. Wells Fargo put profits over people when it tried to get every customer to sign up for at least eight different accounts or financial products. If a customer didn’t want that many accounts, Wells Fargo found a way to open the accounts anyway without the customer’s permission. That type of outrageous conduct already has resulted in more than 5,000 employees being fired, and Congress calling for criminal charges against Wells Fargo’s top executives. The national class action attorneys at Jones Ward are lead counsel on class actions in dozens of states involving consumer protection claims such as cases like this.

Class Action Lawsuits

If this has happened to you or someone you know, you may be able to be a part of a class action lawsuit in your state.  Class action lawsuits involve violations of consumer rights by banks, large companies, or other defendants against large groups of people.  Bank fees can get expensive – hundreds of dollars in excess charges – but still might not be enough money to justify bringing a lawsuit. The courts have come up with class action lawsuits where one person or a small group of people can work together to sue on behalf of everyone affected. Sometimes, if the case is successful, the Court will award an extra incentive payment to the person who brought the class action on top of whatever they would receive as a class member. Either way, the attorneys at Jones Ward PLC handle class action cases for clients on a contingency basis and only get a fee if the Court awards one at the end.

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The consumer protection lawyers at Jones Ward PLC are committed to fighting for the rights of consumers across the country who have been ripped off by the deceptive acts of banks. If you or someone you know has had illegal fees or duplicate accounts, from Wells Fargo or any other bank, please contact us to discuss your rights. You can email Jasper Ward at jasper@jonesward.com, or Alex Davis at alex@jonesward.com, or call them at 888-595-2922 or click here.