Tainted Xcel Supplement Lawsuit

Xcel and Ultimate Boost Diet Pills Contain Unlisted Depression Medication and Cancer Causing Chemical

Attorneys Investigating Cases Against Supplement Sellers of Diet Pills Containing Fluoxetine and Phenolphthalein. The FDA announced today that consumers should not use or purchase certain diet pills sold online or in retail stores.  The FDA’s warnings relate to three supplements: Ultimate Boost, Xcel, and Xcel Advanced.  Xcel diet pills may contain a depression medication called fluoxetine, or better known by the brand-name Prozac.  Ultimate Boost and Xcel Advanced, on the other hand, may contain the chemical phenolphthalein, which is known to cause cancer.

Why Fluoxetine is Dangerous

Fluoxetine is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, or SSRI.  It is prescribed to people who suffer from things like depression, OCD, and panic disorders.  Although fluoxetine may help some people who have these conditions, it may also be harmful.  Fluoxetine should only be taken under the supervision of a doctor because of the potentially severe problems people may experience with the drug.  For example, fluoxetine has been known to cause or contribute to suicidal thinking, abnormal bleeding, and seizures.  People who take other medicines with fluoxetine can also experience heart arrhymias or even die.

Other Supplements with Unlisted Fluoxetine and Phenolphthalein

The FDA has warned consumers in the past about supplements that use fluoxetine and phenolphathalein without listing the chemicals as ingredients.  These include:

Date Product Name Company Hidden Ingredient
3/18/2015 Ultimate Boost Various Distributors phenolphthalein
3/18/2015 Xcel Various Distributors fluoxetine
3/18/2015 Xcel Advanced Various Distributors phenolphthalein
2/28/2015 Nine Slim Various Distributors phenolphthalein
2/28/2015 Oxy ELITE Pro Super Thermogenic Various Distributors fluoxetine
2/28/2015 Seven Slim Various Distributors phenolphthalein
2/27/2015 Botanical Slimming (Red) Various Distributors fluoxetine
6/17/2014 Sport Burner Various Distributors fluoxetine
6/17/2014 Toxin Discharged Tea Various Distributors fluoxetine
2/4/2014 Fruta Bio MyNicKnaxs, LLC. phenolphthalein and/or sibutramine
2/4/2014 Japan Hokkaido Cangye Phamacy Co., LTD MyNicKnaxs, LLC. phenolphthalein and/or sibutramine
2/4/2014 Japanese Chinese Formula pill for weight reduction MyNicKnaxs, LLC. phenolphthalein and/or sibutramine
2/4/2014 Jianfeijindan Activity Girl MyNicKnaxs, LLC. phenolphthalein and/or sibutramine
2/4/2014 Meizitang Strong Version Botanical Slimming MyNicKnaxs, LLC. phenolphthalein and/or sibutramine
2/4/2014 Reduce Weight Fruta Planta MyNicKnaxs, LLC. phenolphthalein
2/4/2014 Slim Xtreme MyNicKnaxs, LLC. phenolphthalein and/or sibutramine
2/4/2014 SlimEasy MyNicKnaxs, LLC. phenolphthalein and/or sibutramine
2/4/2014 Super Fat Burning Bomb MyNicKnaxs, LLC. phenolphthalein and/or sibutramine
1/28/2014 Tonic Life BP Various Distributors phenolphthalein
11/21/2013 Adipotrim XT Deseo Rebajar Inc. fluoxetine
6/18/2013 Fat Zero Various Distributors phenolphthalein
6/18/2013 Fruit & Plant Slimming Various Distributors phenolphthalein
4/3/2012 Japan Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pills Green Xiushentang phenolphthalein

Why Phenolphthalein is Dangerous

Phenolphthalein has been used for a long time as an over the counter laxative, but the FDA removed it from the market in the U.S. in 1999 after studies showed that it likely causes cancer.  According to a 1996 article by June Dunnick and James Hailey, researchers at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, the chemical can cause cancer in the kidneys or in the adrenal glands, and possibly also in the ovaries.

What Makes Xcel, Xcel Advanced, Ultimate Boost, and Other Diet Pills with Unlisted Ingredients So Dangerous

When people don’t know what they are taking, they are at risk of potentially serious health problems without even realizing it.  For example, they cannot tell their doctor that they are ingesting a chemical that could interact badly with something else their doctor prescribed.  Or they might have a medical condition, like seizures, that could get worse.

In addition to the danger to people’s health, failing to list ingredients accurately cheats them out of their money.  They have spent their money on something that they wouldn’t have bought if they knew it could cause cancer or seizures, for example.

The attorneys at Jones Ward PLC are committed to holding manufacturers and retailers accountable when they put the public at risk and cheat their customers.  If you have purchased Xcel, Xcel Advanced, or Ultimate Boost online or in stores, we would be happy to consult with you about your rights.  Please contact attorney Lauren Horner at lauren@jonesward.com, or call her at (888) 585-2922, or contact us by clicking here.