Mirena IUD Lawyers File Mirena PTC Cases

The attorneys at Jones Ward have blogged extensively about Mirena litigation and the injuries women have suffered due to Bayer’s IUD. Women across the country have suffered serious injuries due to Mirena migration and uterine perforation, which often requires surgical removal.

We have also blogged about a serious neurological condition called pseudotumor cerebri or idiopathic intracranial hypertension, which has been linked to the hormone released by Mirena called levonorgestrel. To read more, click here. Pseudotumor cerebri (PTC) is a condition that develops when cerebrospinal fluid in the skull creates increased pressure.

2014 Mirena PTC Lawsuits

Beginning early this year, the legal team at Jones Ward began filing Mirena lawsuits on behalf of victims who developed the debilitating PTC condition as a result of using Mirena. The cases have been filed in various jurisdictions, including Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia.

The cases allege that the manufacturer and distributor of Mirena in the United States, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc., knew about the link between levonorgestrel and PTC and yet continues to do nothing to warn physicians, patients, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration or the public of this severe condition.

Further, the lawsuits claim that Bayer failed to properly test Mirena’s propensity to cause and contribute to the development of PTC, and that despite numerous adverse events of PTC and its symptoms reported to the FDA, Bayer continues to fail to warn of the increased risk.

The Connection Between Mirena and PTC

Levonorgestrel’s association to PTC has been reported since the 90s. Another birth control that contains and releases levonorgestrel, called Norplant, underwent a label change in 1993 to warn of a possible connection to and increased risk of PTC, after the FDA and the manufacturer received numerous reports of PTC with use of Norplant. The authors of literature reporting the events noted that more research was needed in order to fully understand the relationship between the hormone and the condition.

The dangerous drug attorneys at Jones Ward are litigating cases involving women who develop PTC while using Mirena. For more information, contact attorney A. Layne Stackhouse at layne@jonesward.com, or click here.

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