Mirena Intracranial Hypertension cases centralized in NYC

The attorneys at Jones Ward have been at the forefront of the Mirena Intracranial Hypertension litigation for the last several years. Earlier this year, a panel of federal judges consolidated more than 150 cases – including nearly 100 filed by Jones Ward – in federal court in New York, New York as part of a new mass tort proceeding, despite strong opposition by the Bayer Healthcare Defendants.

What This Means for Your Mirena Lawsuit

A Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) is a tool that courts use to manage mass torts, which often involve cases like this where a defective medical device/drug, like Mirena, injures a large number of people. An MDL is created when multiple, individual cases with “common questions of fact” are all transferred to a single court.  However, the cases are not combined into a single lawsuit, making it different from a class action.

The MDL process consolidates the cases for pretrial proceedings, which relate to the “common questions of fact.” An MDL is beneficial for many reasons, but in particular, it allows for efficient litigation and helps keep costs down because the cases are prosecuted by a single team of attorneys before a single judge instead of in multiple courts across the country.

You may be worried about the MDL if you believe your case is different than those of our other clients or that your injuries are more severe than the injuries suffered by our other clients. However, another benefit of an MDL is that it allows for individualized treatment of cases, and more seriously injured clients may be eligible for more compensation.

Jones Ward PLC Attorneys Appointed to MDL Leadership

Recently, the presiding Judge Paul A. Engelmayer, in the Southern District of New York, appointed leadership to help steer this litigation for women injured by the Mirena product. Partner Larry Jones was appointed Co-Lead Counsel, and attorney Christina Natale was appointed to the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee. These appointments mean that the Mirena Intracranial Hypertension team at Jones Ward will be very involved in the proceedings involving “common questions of fact” prior to the resolution of any individual case.

Contact an Attorney at Jones Ward PLC

If you have had a Mirena IUD and developed intracranial hypertension, contact an attorney right away.  The attorneys at Jones Ward PLC have filed lawsuits on behalf of women across the country that have developed intracranial hypertension while using Mirena. We offer free consultations, and no fee until we make a recovery.  Call us toll free at 888-595-2922, or request a free case evaluation on our website.


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