Metal on Metal Hip Implant Lawsuit Information

Metal on metal hip implants continue to injure thousands of patients, even though many of the devices have now been recalled or pulled from the market. The attorneys at Jones Ward PLC are working to hold all manufacturers of metal hips accountable for injuries sustained by injured patients with failed hips.

Hip Implant Timeline

Metal-on-metal hip implants arrived in the United States starting around 2002. However, some doctors told patients the devices would last a lifetime. Sales representatives for manufacturers such as DePuy, Zimmer, and Biomet pitched metal hips as a miracle of modern science. They scrambled to move into this lucrative new market for young people who needed a prosthesis to last 30 or 40 years. By comparison, previous generations of hips made of plastic or ceramic parts had a lifespan of just ten or fifteen years. Companies even signed up celebrities to vouch for metal hips. A few years later, something awful happened. Metal hips started failing, and failing badly.

Metal on Metal Hip Injuries

Today, metal-on-metal hip implants are the worst medical device disaster in a generation, with up to 500,000 people injured. Many patients are undergoing costly and painful revision surgery to have their prostheses replaced. The revision alone can cost $80,000. Other injuries from metal hip failure include sciatic nerve damage, memory loss, stroke, blood clots, and dislocation.

Metal Hip Implant v. Plastic Hip Implant

The problem with metal-on-metal hips is that they are two to three times as likely as their plastic or ceramic cousins to go bad. Nearly all patients with metal hips have slightly elevated levels of cobalt and chromium in their bodies. The critical issue is how much metal is too much. Metal ion levels must be examined in connection with the rest of the patient’s medical history. Some implants fail spectacularly despite relatively low ion levels. In other cases, levels of cobalt and chromium will surpass 50 parts per billion while the patient remains asymptomatic.

Free Hip Lawsuit Consultation today

The attorneys at Jones Ward PLC represent patients all over the country with failed hips made by DePuy, Stryker, Wright, Biomet, Zimmer and other companies. If you or a loved one have been injured by a drug or medical device, contact Attorney Alex C. Davis at 502-882-6000 for a free case evaluation, or send an email to

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