Essure Birth Control Litigation Moving Forward

Essure, a permanent birth control device developed by Bayer, is under attack by claims from women suggesting that the drug has caused a variety of health issues. The drug is advertised as a safer, less expensive permanent birth control method than other surgical or more invasive measures. Women are reporting that the device is to blame for hysterectomies that were required to remove the devices, or other that the device has punctured their uterus or fallopian tubes.

Recent Settlement News

Five lawsuits are currently pending against Bayer in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Recently, the judge allowed the lawsuits to move forward, specifically that Bayer failed to warn women of the dangers of the device and negligent misrepresentation. This is good news, as now the plaintiffs can continue to gather more information through discovery to pursue their claims.

What Happens Next?

As this case moves forward, St. Louis courts prepare to hear cases filed by more than 30 women about the drug. Jones Ward and other lawyers around the company will continue to bring these cases to trial to obtain justice on behalf of those affected. If you had an Essure device that caused severe side effects, let us know. Call to speak with an attorney at Jones Ward today at (888) 595-2922 or click here to submit your contact information and a member of Jones Ward will quickly be in touch.

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