Commercial Trucking Accidents in Kentucky

Auto accidents involving commercial trucks or tractor trailer trucks unfortunately often result in significant injury or even death to the occupants of other, smaller motor vehicles due to the size and weight of commercial vehicles.

Many factors may attribute to a trucking accident including driver negligence and/or negligence on behalf of the trucking company. For example, a commercial vehicle that is in disrepair, is overweight or improperly oversized, or is not routinely maintained may attribute to the auto accident. Likewise, a tired or distracted driver may be to blame. The trucking accident lawyers at Jones Ward PLC will represent you and pursue your right to recovery.

Why Should You Hire An Attorney?

Trucking companies perform thorough accident investigations, often beginning minutes after the crash – most individuals injured in a trucking accident do not have the resources to perform the same type of extensive investigation. Additionally, injuries sustained in a trucking accident are often worse, may result in long-term hospitalization or care, and may prohibit you from returning to work for a significant period of time.

While it may seem clear to you that the trucking company is responsible for your injuries, it is often a protracted and difficult process to recovery. This can be frustrating if you “go it alone.” During this time your focus should be on your health and physical recovery – let the lawyers at Jones Ward handle the workload of preparing and litigating your case. We begin to prepare for trial from the start of your case by compiling all necessary evidence to pursue your right to recovery, such as the recordings from the truck’s “black box.” This information is critical to establish facts that may prove the driver’s negligence, such as speed and average revolutions per minute (RPMs).

Free Consultations with the Jones Ward Trucking Accident Lawyers

If you were injured in an auto accident with a tractor trailer or other commercial vehicle, contact the trial lawyers at Jones Ward PLC. We offer a FREE consultation to discuss your rights and legal options. Call toll-free at 888-595-2922 or email me directly:

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